Windows 10 Update Crash

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Some Windows 10/11 updates can make your computer crash, but we’re here to help!

You’ve updated your computer or laptop but you are now suffering issues due to the latest update you’ve installed. Many machines receive windows updates which make your system crash causing an error. Some users reported Blue Screen of Death errors and some experienced lost files after installing windows 10 KB4549951.

On April 14th, Microsoft released Windows update KB4549951 and this was supposed to fix a number of security fixes within your system. Some users later discovered that the update was causing errors including the Blue Screen of Death.

iDoctor to the rescue

It’s been reported that the update pushed by Microsoft was far more serious than expected. Many users lost or misplaced files after installing the update. So it is important to back up important information on a USB Drive or some sort of cloud base system such as DropBox or OneDrive.

Deleted files

Some users contacted Windows Support to report that the latest update was a complete failure. “My files were deleted, photos gone, important documents in my drive and all my programs.”

When your computer crashes and a blue screen of death appears, it becomes worrying because the first thing that comes to your mind is are my files secure?

Photos, Documents, Programs and other important files are now at risk of being gone and some of these contain important files you can’t afford to lose. This can be very stressful. So it’s always good to create a backup.

Since many users reported problems after upgrading to KB4549951 that files were moved and or deleted. We always recommend creating a backup just incase of a problem due to an update, but if you do come across an issue come down to our store in naugatuck and we can see what we can do to save your files.

Other users reported that the update created user profiles in their windows 10 boot and resetting settings back to defaults.

This problem was eventually fixed along with many other issues caused by windows updates. If you do run across a problem, always report it to microsoft so they can either help you resolve your problem and so they can push out other updates in the future to prevent other potential problems.

Yet more issues

If file deletion wasn’t terrible enough, KB4549951 brought even more issues for some customers. Many users online have filed complaints with microsoft and online forums regarding the Blue Screen of Death error.

It now appears that the most common Blue Screen of Death error messages are:

  • Portcls.sys

Some users get BSOD so often requiring a PC Reboot and others are getting constant errors where your computer constantly crashes over and over not allowing it to completely boot windows. Making your computer useless. Other users reported that it’s slowing down and making their computer perform very poorly after the update installation. This is certainly a problem. But we have figured out a way around this.

How to fix it

At the moment, the only way to resolve the Blue Screen of Death caused by Windows Update KB4549951 is to uninstall the update during start up. Please note, this update introduced some security fixes so you should only uninstall it if you’re experiencing issues with your computer.

If you installed the update and you are having problems, please follow these steps below or contact us 203-723-1923

Open the Settings app (the cog icon in the Start menu) click ‘Update & security’ and then click on ‘Windows Update’ in the left-hand menu

Next, click ‘View update history’. Click ‘Uninstall updates’, find KB4549951 in the list of updates, select it, then click to uninstall.

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