Console HDMI Repairs

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Next-level repair for your favorite gaming console

Whether you prefer Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo, we’re here to help.

PlayStation Ps5/Xbox Repairs

We understand how frustrating your gaming console is not working properly. Our team specializes in all gaming consoles. Does it sound like a plane engine when you start it? Maybe it needs a full cleaning & new thermal paste. Keeping up with your gaming console’s cooling system is a must.

No image/no input?

No image on your Ps5 or Xbox One S? No problem, we have a team of microsolders inhouse and can handle any task from chip replacements to HDMI Port replacements. We stock the majority of HDMI Ports for popular models and most repairs are completed in-store. 

(Not a service we provide in our mobile van)

We are the premier Video Game Console Repair Center in the Naugatuck Valley! From overheating issues to disk read errors, we’ve seen it all! iDoctor specializes in all types of video game console repairs and can fix most issues the same day you drop off! Your gaming console is in good hands. Our team has repaired thousands of devices just like yours. Your console will be repaired properly the first time. There’s no issue we haven’t seen. Come see us for Video Game Console Repair in iDoctor today!

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