How much does it cost to fix my phone?

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What’s it cost to fix your screen on your smartphone?

The screen of your cell phone is fragile and could malfunction easily with little impact. Often we drop our devices and the glass outer layer of the internal display and even your digitizer layer will damage causing touch or display issues. If the screen falls hard enough on a corner or just right, it will cause these layers to break. Sometimes your glass doesn’t have to be broken to be considered broken. There’s multiple layers to your screen. The outer glass, and this is the portion your finger touches, then your digitizer, this is what recognizes your finger when you touch the glass and then the display portion, this is the layer that displays the image to you. Displays come in two forms, LCD and Soft OLED. LCD is older technology which is made of a firmer material and Soft OLED is a flexible display panel that observes more impact when dropped.

It’s frustrating when your device falls and black dots, lines and distorted image appear, making your phone useless. This only means that you’ve damaged more than just the glass. Making it difficult to navigate your device when you can’t see your display correctly. If you’re facing this kind of issue, we can certainly help. Here at iDoctor, we specialize in electronics repair. Our team of experts can have your device up and running the same day. We service customers all over the state, Naugatuck, Waterbury, Cheshire, Oxford, Southbury, Prospect, Beacon Falls, Watertown, Woodbridge, Seymour, Derby, Ansonia and many more.

So how much does it cost to replace your phone screen? Well what kind of phone is it? Just like anything else, each model has a different touch panel and labor is going to be different device to device.

Screen Replacement Parts – Aftermarket vs Refurbished

The screen of your phone comes in many different options. Our stores carry 2-4 different types of screen displays to fit your needs. 

We always recommend going with our Certified Refurbished Displays because they’re the best available option in the market. These screens come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects. 

Our next option is a Premium Plus Soft Oled display. This is the second best option, these could have a warranty ranging between 6-12 months depending on our vendors and these displays have an extremely low defective rate. 

Then we have a regular Premium which is a Hard Oled Screen, this option comes with a 90 day limited Warranty, you’re not sacrificing display brightness when compared to the LCD screens that are available and comparing price of a hard oled to a soft oled. You save big!

Then we have our trade in specials which use LCD Touch Panels, This option is great if you are trading in your phone. The color will be slightly different than your OLED Panel, these options come with a shorter warranty and we typically only recommend these if you are trading in your device. Although they are a much cheaper and affordable option, they do come with some sacrifices. The internal display is not flexible like our soft oled therefore, they will break a little easier if dropped or mishandled.

So if you are repairing your phone to be used everyday, we always recommend going with a Soft Oled vs LCD. We understand that not everyone has the budget to get the best screen replacement for your phone and that’s why we offer 3-4 different tiers of screen replacement to suit your needs. We always suggest that you use a case and screen protector to protect your device against accidental drops.

How to change the Screen of a Cell Phone?

Smartphone screen replacement sounds like an easy task until your phone doesn’t turn on when you’re done with the repair. These repairs are very delicate and should only be performed by trained and certified technicians. After replacing your own screen, you will be greeted with a display warning message for some models since the manufacturer does serialize the original screen but this message will not affect the performance of your device. It’s the manufactures way of being able to sell when something has been repaired for their warranty purposes.

How much does it cost to repair a phone screen?

Now that you understand the difference between parts, phones and labor, we will break it down how the rest works. Some repair shops pick the cheapest parts and charge you a high premium for their repairs. As you already know, we let our customer choose between LCD Aftermarket Screen or Soft OLED Refurbished Screens. 

Why do different options exist?

Well Phone Part wholesalers figured not everyone could afford the Soft Oleds so they introduced cheaper aftermarket parts to accommodate customers who were on a price budget.

What is the cost difference between an LCD vs OLED?

That’s going to depend on the phone, so let’s pretend we’re talking about an iPhone.

Labor on this device should range between $70-100hr and the LCD display ranges between $40-60 for just the part and the OLED display will range between $90-140.

Making your repair as cheap as $110 and as high as $240. Now every device is different, some are easier having the labor costs be on the lower end, then we have other devices which could take several hours to do where labor is going to increase.

You can get a quote in just minutes by clicking here.

Should I just get a new phone? Isn’t it cheaper?

Well no, it’s not cheaper. A new iPhone 13 Pro Max is well over $1000 and the repair is expensive, but not anywhere near $1000. Are you able to add a new line to your bill to get a phone on promotion? Sure, but you’ll be adding another monthly payment of roughly $35-50 a month plus the cost of the new line which you will be stuck with for 2 years.