My Phone won’t charge, why?

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My phone won’t charge – Broken Charging Port?

Phones have gotten so advanced since the iPhone 3GS era. Technology hasn’t stopped within our electronic realm and as you know, it’s accelerated so much that these hand held devices in our pockets control our lives. So we understand how important it is that your device remains working properly. Charging Ports have many reasons why they fail to operate correctly.

My phone is plugged in, but nothing happens. What now?

First thing you should do is make sure your port is free of dirt. Many times the inside of your port is filled with pocket lint or dust causing blockage within your port making your usb lightning cable not make connection to charge your phone. Keeping the inside of your port clean will prolong the health of the device. If you continue to force your cable into your port while it’s filled with lint, you will damage the port and you will need to get it repaired.

My port is cleaned, but my phone still does nothing.

Your port is clean but it doesn’t charge? Ok, perhaps you should try a new cable. If your new cable doesn’t work there could be something internal going on with your device. Many times the cheap cables you get at convenience stores will ruin your phones charging ic chip causing a major malfunction. It’s extremely important that you always use the original cable that came with your phone to ensure your device remains working properly.

My phone is charging very slow and my battery dies fast.

Sounds like your device’s battery has worn down. Go over to your settings and click “battery” to check your battery capacity. If the capacity is less than 79% a warning message will trigger indicating that you service your device before the phone becomes unusable.

After you’ve replaced the battery on your phone, your capacity will now be 100% or – –

Some devices’ battery health will become unavailable after servicing it due to the fact that your manufacturer serializes parts to your device which disables certain features when your device is repaired. Warning messages does not affect the function of your device.

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